To upload photos you will need to register and create an account. It is free and private.

To register, fill out the form below and click the "Send" button to submit your request.. Your account will be setup within 24 hours and you will receive an email with the login information.
Once registered, you will be able to log in by clicking the "Login" link. If you've already registered, then you can skip this step.

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To create albums and upload photos:

1. Click the "Create/order my albums" link.

2. You will see see a square window with "Delete" and "New" buttons below. Click "New" to create an album.
3. A new album titled "New Album" will be created. You can edit the name by editing the title in the small window below the square window. Click "Apply Modifications" to make change.

To upload photos:

Once you've created an album you may now upload photos.

1. Click the "Upload file" link on the top of the page.
2. You will see several windows with a "Browse" button next to each window. Click the "Browse" button to navigate and search for your photos on your local computer.
3. Click the "Continue" button to complete the upload.
4. Photo size is limited to 1024kb (1 MB) file size and a max pixel width of 2048.
5. Photo formats accepted are .jpg, .jpeg, .bmp, .gif, .tiff.
5. If there is a problem with the file format or size you will see an upload error. However, if the photos are accepted you will see a confirmation.
5. Click the "Continue" button.
6. You will see a thumbnail of your photo. Select which album you would like the photo to appear by selecting the album using the "Select album" window.
7. Enter a title and description, then click "Continue".
8. You should see a confirmation if everything is successful.

You can repeat each step to create additional albums and upload photos.

If you need to resize your photos there are several free photo processing software packages available.
Microsoft PowerToys for Windows XP

Mihov Image Resizer

High Quality Photo Resizer