Delaware R/C Club. Home of Warbirds Over Delaware. Lums Pond State Park - Kirkwood, Delaware.


Warbirds Over Delaware

Warbirds Over Delaware is an AMA sanctioned event.

  1. All pilots must have a valid AMA card to register and fly at the event.
  2. You cannot join or renew your AMA at the event and participate as a pilot.
  3. All aircraft flown during the event hours (until 5PM) must be a warbird and meet the specifications of:
    • 80" wing span for monoplanes
    • 60" wing span for multi-wing aircraft
    • or 1/4 scale or larger
  4. There will be a pilot's meeting everyday at 9:00AM. Please attend these important meetings for updated information and safety notes.
  5. Spread Spectrum radios are permitted at Warbirds Over Delaware.
  6. A large 40 x 80 storage tent will be available for storage of larger aircraft.
  7. After hours R/C combat events are planned. Bring your R/C combat aircraft!

Pilot Pre-Registration is now CLOSED - You may still register at the event.